Who We Are

We are a driver training school committed to providing a safe, enjoyable, and effective approach to safely operating a motor vehicle. We do this by using similar techniques that have worked very well for eleven years as a motorcycle safety school.

We offer driving lessons for students of all ages. Whether you're just learning to drive or have been driving for years.

Why Take a Course?

  • You can get insurance discounts for completing the course (not all insurance companies will honor this. Check with your insurance carrier).
  • Participating dealerships may extend discounts to individuals who have completed one of our courses. Ask us for a list of friendly places.
  • Learn to be SAFE, not just get your license.
  • Our curriculum has been approved by the Colorado DMV.
  • Since Colorado's GDL restrictions went into effect in 1999, the number of teens killed in car crashes in our State has dropped more than 50 percent!
Courses We Offer