Parent Refresher Course

Don't Teach Kids Your Bad Habits!

Support your teen learning to drive by reinforcing the same skills and techniques taught in professional instruction.

Most parents help their new drivers learn to drive by practicing outside of professional instruction. Let us help reduce your anxiety by demonstrating the current techniques and procedures. We will do our best to explain the "whys" and give you some ideas on how to best develop your new driver.

Why not take a refresher course before taking your new driver out for lessons? A short update lesson is usually all that is needed to help keep you both calm and on the right track. An hour with you observing or driving and hopefully taking notes will give you valuable insight into correct procedures and Colorado laws. The refresher course will reduce the chances of you passing on bad habits and hindering their chances of passing their driving test.

During the refresher class, you will receive information on:

  • Permit and license testing
  • License restrictions
  • Colorado driving laws
  • Current driving procedures and techniques
  • When and how to book driving lessons and license exams

Price: (in our training car)

$65 if combined with 6 Hour Teen Behind the Wheel

$125 as a standalone class


Call us at 719-380-1448 to schedule.

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